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About Us

About Us

Om Buddhi Yoga is all about user-friendly classes designed for all people - rather than adjusting your body for a pose we work on adjusting the pose for YOUR body!  All classes are designed for wellness, with a holistic approach covering the anatomical, physiological as well as mental and energetic focusses. 

And most importantly, all classes at Om Buddhi are steeped in JOY and laughter is guaranteed! 

Join us to enhance your wellness, enjoyment of life, and of course to just share a smile!

Yoga & Meditation

At Om Buddhi Yoga our style of yoga is ‘user-friendly’, there are classes to suit all ages, abilities and life stages.  All classes are relaxed and full of individual variations and rest is always an option – no pressure or pushing, no competition, no worries!


Massage can relieve pain, relax muscles and improve the functioning of all the body’s systems for optimal wellness.  By soothing the soft tissue we encourage relaxation in the body which is essential for breaking the pain cycle of soft tissue injuries and symptoms such as tension headache.


Reiki means ‘universal life energy’ and is a simple, natural and safe holistic therapy which brings about healing on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Effective in helping virtually all illnesses, Reiki can reduce stress and promote healing by unblocking energy lines in the body.

Your Teacher

Elisa Payne

Yoga Masters, AdvDip Yoga Teaching, AdvDip Emergency Medical Dispatch, Dip Remedial Massage, CertIV Personal Training/Sports Nutrition, Applied Anatomy of Yoga, Reiki 2

Elisa is an experienced Yoga Teacher and Yogi who has studied with Yoga Masters in Australia, Thailand, Hong Kong, America and Mexico (to date!) and enjoys continuously improving her understanding of yoga, life and the world around us.  Elisa draws upon the physicality and philosophy of yoga to assist students in discovering their innate potential and their connection to the Self and the world around them.  Elisa has explored many varied yogic styles and healing practices and combines these with her vast knowledge of anatomy and physiology to teach with compassion, passion and a deep understanding of the mechanics of movement and the systemic functioning of the body making Om Buddhi Yoga suitable for Beginners to the Advanced, for the healthy to the injured.  Class sizes are small, relaxed, and welcoming so everyone, every body can find a deep connection to yoga, themselves, and their wellness, "I think of it as a goal in each class to make sure everybody has a chance to sigh, a chance to smile, and a chance to create change."


As well as being a Coach with the Australian Sports Commission teaching Yoga & Meditation in schools, Elisa is the Mornington Peninsula region's Ambassador for the Yoga Aid World Challenge and is an Anatomy & Physiology Lecturer at Moksha Academy of Yoga teaching the next generation of Yoga Teachers.

Contact Us

Om Buddhi Yoga

Mount Eliza,  VIC 3930

Tel: 0403 026 034



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