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Corporate Wellness

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Corporate Wellness

Yoga is becoming increasingly popular in the workplace with research showing executives have similar demands on their bodies and minds as an elite athlete.  Performance whether on the track, field, or office can be benefited by yoga in countless ways including increasing concentration and decision-making skills, improving alertness and productivity and yoga in the workplace has been shown to reduce the costs of stress related illnesses and absenteeism.


Options include:

* Regular Yoga or Meditation Classes at a time to suit your business enhancing the team environment, increasing energy and performance, and providing skills for dealing with and reducing physical and mental stress. 

*One-off Classes and Workshops introducing Yoga and/or Meditation to the workplace.  Workshops include a short lecture on why exercise and relaxation are imperative to the worker, followed by learning and practicing skills to achieve this both in the workplace and at home.  Concluding with Q & A time to ensure every employee leaves with an understanding of what steps they can take for themselves to increase wellness.

*Wellness Program Consulting working with the employer to help set up an in-house Health & Wellness Program for the business.  Can include space preparation, providing advice on equipment required and purchase, how to present and advocate the program to employees, subject inclusion and information, identifying target objectives and performance measures, guest presenting and follow up sessions.

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